Sleeping better with an indoor water fountain?


If every morning you feel tired and energyless, you might not be having a good sleep and all you need is a better environment to enjoy uninterrupted sleep.


Having problems to sleep can be caused by different reasons. Nowadays it is well known that our demanding lifestyle is causing people to live in a constant state of stress, deriving in health problems, including lack of sleep. However, there are other factors, such as a noisy environment, that can also affect our sleep negatively.


Any Solution?

There are many solutions to relieve stress and surely you have heard about some of them already. Being in contact with nature is one of these solutions, and perhaps it is the best one because it helps our body and mind to relax in a natural way. However, trying to connect with nature may not always be in our reach. Maybe we have to drive for a little while before we can reach a tranquil natural area.

Yet, even if we have the opportunity to be in constant touch with nature, maybe our neighborhood is not precisely the quietest one. Therefore, an indoor water fountain is the best solution that tackles these two problems, helping us reduce stress and masking other undesired noises. Besides, a water fountain will always decor and enhance our indoor space. 


How does it work?

The logic behind the relaxation that is provided by an Indoor Water Fountain lies behind the functionality of the brain and how it interprets the sounds. For example, if we hear a loud alarm, our brain immediately senses it and takes it as a trigger for waking up from sleep. On the other hand, slow sounds produced by the water flow is taken by the brain as a non-threat. 

Indoor water fountains often mimic the sound of a waterfall or an ocean wave, keeping the same calming effects that relieve stress and help against fatigue and anxiety. Indoor water fountains do not only provide a relaxing sound, but they also provide a visual element that is beautiful to watch and is as relaxing as the sound.


What type of indoor fountain should I choose?  

We are glad to tell you that the styles of indoor water fountains are many, that you will find the ideal for you. Just take a look at the brief descriptions below. 


Indoor Wall Fountains

If a wall fountain is within your budget, this is the best choice. Wall Fountains come in different sizes, but they are big enough to provide a calming sound in a larger area. Its size also helps them act as an air humidifier, improving your air quality and reducing certain allergies. Another benefit is that wall fountains are a good appeal to add value to your home. 



The Adagio Reflection Creek is the most popular wall fountain. This model combines a sophisticated design and a soothing sound, helping you relax. You can choose between different materials for the surface and trim so this water fountain can match your indoor decoration. The installation of this fountain is very easy and it comes with everything you need to get it set up and running.



Certain wall fountains can be customized, allowing you to give a more personal touch to your indoor space. One example is the Art Wall Fountains, created by Harvey Gallery. These fountains combine beautiful paintings with a waterfall and they are perfect to add tranquil sound to your space because it sounds like a brook or a stream.


This fountain, for example, shows the famous Van Gogh´s painting Café Terrace at NightThe painting serves as a backdrop for the falling water. This fountain, as all of the others, have the option to add backlights, which look like little stars in the paintings.


Cascading Fountains

These fountains produce a more natural sound because, as its name indicates, the water cascades through the different levels of the fountain. Its style makes them easy to place anywhere because they do not require installation. The Cascading Fountains can be found in different creative styles to match any kind of decoration. 




Alpine Corporation has a big selection of cascading fountains, which are made from resistant but very light materials. This makes it easy to place the fountain in different places if needed. Their fountains also come with LED lights, so you can enjoy your product at any time of the day. This example is the Calming Four Tiered Cascading Fountain model, which has a modern design that suits the better contemporary decor. 





Tabletop Fountains

The Tabletop Fountains are suitable for offices, as well as for homes. Although their sound is quieter, they are still a good option to add tranquility to your room. This type of fountains has two main advantages over others. First, their price is more accessible, so if you are still not sure if you really want a bigger fountain, you can try a tabletop fountain first. Second, their size is perfect to place them anywhere and to move them easily. So now, having a "small area" won't be an excuse to not add a water feature to your room!




Although there are other methods and solutions to help reducing stress and to conciliate a good sleep, an indoor water fountain is still the best option. Besides helping with these two problems, indoor water fountains also add decoration and style to homes. They can be found in different styles and at different prices. This will ensure you to find the perfect fountain for you. An indoor water fountain is a good investment that you can make!





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